Watershed Access Lab

Visiting WAL

Educators are able to bring their students to the Watershed Access Lab to participate in a 4 hour module called, “Does this Parking Lot Look Green to You?”  During the “Green” parking lot module, students will explore the impacts of phosphorus contamination in a parking lot using standard curves and spectrophotometric analysis.  Students in the watershed program would learn about impervious surface and the use of low impact design (LID) for improving water quality. We have an LID parking lot here at BSU that we will showcase and explain. The students would then be given a series of standards and unknowns to determine if our LID parking lot is in fact improving water quality. Students will be asked to provide a write up of their experience as well as their conclusions about the effectiveness of the “green” parking lot. In the future, students that have participated in the experience will be able to follow the quality of the water from the bio-retention via the internet with in-line monitoring devices that will determine pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and temperature as well as samplers that will be used to determine phosphorus and nitrate levels.

If you would like to schedule a visit for your class to participate in our on-site module, “Does this Parking Lot Look Green to You?”, please contact Maura Whittemore at CASEBSU@bridgew.edu or 508.531.2575