Watershed Access Lab


Stormwater Stewards 2018 Achievement Plan

Trained teachers will implement the Stormwater Stewards curriculum including selected modules from Estuaries 101 and Watersheds, Floods and Pollution for a second year.

A new group of 20 student-leaders are recruited for the Watershed Explorers Summer 2018 Program and will help continue each district’s watershed project.

Stormwater Stewards Teachers will expand their stormwater project investigation in their school by recruiting up to two new teachers from their district to be mentored by them. This will begin a cycle of participation with a new cohort of students and at least two new Stormwater Steward teacher trainees.

Up to four new teachers will be trained and up to 250 new students will participate in the program this year as these new teachers are inducted into the program.

As Stormwater Stewards, the teachers will have had one year of experience with their students uploading rainfall and snowfall meltwater data to the CoCoRaHS network and working with the National Weather Service so they will play a bigger role in preparing their students for the project presentation at the 2018 Stormwater Stewards Conference which will occur within the school districts.