Watershed Access Lab

  • Watershed teachers exploring local stream water quality

  • Watershed teams quantifying stream discharge during our watersheds workshop

  • Exploring local stream biodiversity like Ebony jewelwings, Calopteryx maculate

  • Watershed teachers sampling stream macroinvertebrates for site comparisons of biotic indices

  • Watershed teams exploring microhabitats to study aquatic macroinvertebrate distribution

The Bureau of Water Resources in the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs emphasizes the importance of local community involvement in watershed stewardship.  Bridgewater State University’s Watershed Access Lab (WAL) prepares educators to assist their local communities in watershed projects. Teachers participating in WAL courses and projects explore watershed assessment and water quality analysis and train their students and community members through local watershed projects.

The WAL provides state-of-the-art technology for land use and water quality assessment to train teachers  to work with their student teams conducting local watershed investigations. Teachers participating in the program are eligible to use equipment from the WAL in their schools to conduct watershed projects.