Transfer 101

Transfer Tips

If you have questions, we have answers for you!

How do I know if I'm eligible to transfer?

Transfer applicants are evaluated on the basis of their previous college work and must provide an official transcript from each college attended. To be eligible for admission, transfer students must have earned one of the following:

  • 12 or more transferable college credits and a 2.5 college grade point average; or
  • 24 transferable college credits and a 2.0 grade point average; or
  • Second Degree Option: You may be admitted to the college to pursue an additional bachelors degree in a field of study substantially different from your initial degree program if you have earned a bachelors degree at Bridgewater State University or at another accredited institution. More information on completing a second bachelors degree can be found in the university catalog under Undergraduate Admissions.
How do I apply to Bridgewater State University as a transfer student?

Transferring to BSU has never been easier. Apply by submitting a transfer application online.

What is the deadline to transfer?

Completed transfer applications should be filed by August 1, for September admission or November 1, for January admission. Note the dates listed above are priority deadlines; you are able to apply after the deadline. Applications will then be accepted on a space available basis. Remember, registration for classes is done on a first come, first serve basis. Don't wait, apply early!

What do I need to provide BSU when applying?
  • Students transferring 24 or more credits need only submit their transfer application and transcript(s). You may skip over the essay requirement on the application.
  • Students transferring 23 or fewer credits must submit high school transcripts, SAT scores, and an essay
How many credits can I transfer to BSU?

Bridgewater has a very liberal transfer credit policy. However, there are limits to the number of credits that you may transfer to Bridgewater. The maximum number of transfer credits accepted is 90 credit hours; only 69 of those credits may come from a two-year institution.

Why didn't all of my credits transfer?

If a course did not transfer for one of the reasons listed below, notify the Office of Admissions or the Transfer Center.

  1. Courses must be transferred from an accredited institution. Bridgewater State University does not award credit for life experience.
  2. Only grades of C- or above will transfer, with the exception of students enrolled in the MassTransfer Program.
  3. Up to 90 credits may be accepted in transfer by Bridgewater and be applied to the baccalaureate degree, only 69 will be accepted from two-year institutions. Note: if you have more than the maximum number of credits allowed in transfer and would like to discuss which courses would be most beneficial to your degree program, please contact the Office of Admissions or the Director of Transfer Services.
  4. If you took the same course at two different institutions, you can only receive credit for the same course once.
  5. Admissions did not receive a final transcript.
Why are many of my courses transferring in as free electives?

Bridgewater transfers in all eligible transfer courses, regardless of whether or not they fulfill a specific requirement. If they do not fulfill a specific requirement, they will be placed in the free electives column. Placing them in the free electives column allows you to apply them toward the 120 credits needed to graduate and for your advisor to view the courses you took at another institution to determine whether or not they can be applied to the major or the core at BSU. If you believe you have a course in the free electives column that may satisfy a major or core requirement, follow the guidelines for the appeal process located on the Transfer Central website.

Why do I have to take all of these core (GER) requirements? 

There are not as many core requirements as there appear to be. Except for the first five, the core skill set, everything else can be used to satisfy multiple requirements. For example, a world history would be a humanities, a global and a multicultural. You also have the option of appealing the writing/speaking intensive requirement, which our current students do not. If you transferred in a course where you had to write at least 15 pages, edited and revised, you may appeal that course. You will need proof, and the appeal process is found on the transfer web site under the link that says appeal process. Note: Writing I and II are not eligible for this requirement. Remember they are from the core skill set (first five) where you cannot double dip.

Where do I get good advice? 

Be your own advocate. You are not expected to know everything, but you have to know what you do not know. If you do not take the time to understand your degree audit, your program requirements, and familiarize yourself with BSU's policies, you may be in for a difficult time. All institutions are different, therefore do not assume a policy at your previous institution is the same policy at BSU. If you have any questions, contact the Transfer Center, the Academic Achievement Center or your major department.