Student Retention Enhancement Across Mathematics and Science

Transfer Guidelines

Transferring to new school means adjusting to a new culture and finding new friends and study partners. You will be welcomed to BSU by faculty advisors committed to helping students make a smooth transition.

Nearly half of BSU’s graduates are transfer students. So if you are interested in transferring to BSU to complete your degree in biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics or physics, you will not be alone as a transfer student. You may even recognize some of your former classmates.

In the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics, a Transfer Working Group has been created with faculty from each department who are dedicated to providing the best possible transition to BSU including giving you the best advising possible. 

The transfer working group has written a set of guidelines for courses to take before transferring to BSU that will allow you to make the speediest transition to departmental life. Please make every effort to take science and math classes at your first institution that transfer as science and math major classes to BSU. Please download these guidelines here.

In many cases, you can check the B.E.A.R.S. system (enter your school and course id) to see whether courses you have taken are known to transfer for BSU science or math major requirements. (If a course is not listed in the B.E.A.R.S. system, it might still transfer appropriately – bring a course description and if possible a syllabus to your new department chair.)

Please examine these guidelines to determine how to get the most our of transfering to BSU.