Student Retention Enhancement Across Mathematics and Science


What do students who have participated in STREAMS sponsored activities have to say? We think you will feel the same way.

“If it wasn’t for the STREAMS Summer Program, I wouldn’t be here. The next day I was going to meet up with a Navy recruitment officer – but I cancelled the interview because of the phone call from the professor telling me about the Summer Program.”

“Being a PAL helped me to feel that I am able to explain problems. You don’t have to know the answer as long as you can ask the right questions.”

“The grant money is really spent on the students. It’s all for them.”

“There was no time to slack off in the Summer Program; we were taught that we needed to get the work done early.”

“Because of STREAMS I was more comfortable. RA’s were really involved and served as good role models.”

“My high school didn’t teach math well. STREAMS taught me math required to be a physics-major. It helped me organize and prepared me for the future.”