Student Retention Enhancement Across Mathematics and Science


Scientists and mathematicians rarely work alone. At Bridgewater, we are building a community of students and faculty who pursue knowledge together.

Science and math majors at BSU form a community of like-minded students. The newly constructed, $98-million Conant Science Building provides a home base with advanced labs near faculty offices and plenty of nooks and crannies to study in. The Science and Math Residential Learning Community in Scott Hall is a full floor on a residence hall where upper-class and freshmen science and math majors live together with a RAs and programs focused on science and mathematics.

With departmental seminars, clubs, organizations and outreach activities associated with each major, Bridgewater provides many opportunities for students to gain co-curricular experiences matching their academic programs.

Learning Community

The Science and Mathematics Learning Community is for students who want to live with students committed to being the best scientist or mathematician they can be. More+