Travelling Presentations

The BSU Observatory offers a menu of travelling presentations to be brought to your local library, school, or other community center.

The following talks are presented by a BSU faculty member in physics by appointment.  Access to powerpoint and a projector are required.

Invading Mars - In 1938 a fictional invasion by the inhabitants of Mars panicked many Americans.  Today we are invading Mars with our robots.  Mars has become a world of robots that poke and prod the land, photograph the surface and probe with ever more advanced instruments in order to discover if there ever were Martians, if so are they still there, and of course, will we ever inhabit this distant world?

The Space Race: Race for the Moon - In 1969 men from Earth walked on the surface of our next nearest neighbor, the Moon.   The journey began as a competition between two superpowers but became, if only for a short time something greater.  This talk parallels the reasoning behind the space race with the technical accomplishments and human achievements that occurred at the same time.

Pluto and the Great Planet Debate - Discovered by a young American in 1930 questions about what to call this world were raised at the start of the 21st century.  Why do some people consider Pluto not a planet?  Why do others insist it is?  This talk delves into how we call things in nature by proper names, how we agree on what those names mean and finishes with the ongoing stunning discoveries on this tiny world at the edge of the known solar system.

Please contact the observatory manager to book a talk.  Fees range from $150 - $250.