• Picture of the observatory dome and southern deck on the roof of the Dana Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center, framed by bright green trees.

    Home of the BSU Experimental Astrophysics Research Team.

  • This is an image showing the heart of the Eagle nebula, a deep pink and purple cloud with pillar-like formations in which new stars are being born.

    Eagle Nebula mosaic from our main telescope.

  • Starburst Galaxy M82 imaged at the BSU Observatory.

  • Look through our telescopes during public events, or book a private one.

  • Phases of the Moon

  • Observatory Slideshow

    NGC 4567 & NGC 4568 in the constellation Virgo

  • Image of the Whirlpool Galaxy created from red, green, blue, and luminance pictures at the BSU Observatory.

    The Whirlpool Galaxy imaged through our new camera.


The BSU Observatory hosts public and private viewing events, runs K-12 workshops, and provides academic resources for student research, astronomy courses, and service-learning.

The observatory is currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.  When we have an update regarding when our events can resume, we will post it here.

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Observatory Outreach

Outreach Program

The Observatory hosts an active outreach program that welcomes members of the community. We host up to four events per week at night

Observatory Research

Astrophysics Research

The BEAR Team, funded by the NASA MASGC (Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium), is a group of students dedicated to observational astronomy research.

Black Eye Galaxy


Astrophotography is the art of imaging of astronomical objects, usually through telescopes. Please explore our image gallery.