Financial Aid

How To Apply

Application Procedures

To apply for financial aid you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is available online at Be sure you are selecting the correct academic year when applying for the FAFSA. Learn more about the FAFSA.

The myStudentAid Mobile App is Now Available
To download the app, visit Google Play or the Apple App Store at the links provided below:

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The federal processor must receive your FAFSA by March 1 to receive priority consideration for all types of financial aid. Students may apply after the priority date; however, aid will be awarded on a funds-available basis. When filing the application, be sure that all information is complete and as accurate as possible.
Title IV Code for Bridgewater State College

002183 (for use in Step 6 of the FAFSA to ensure that the student’s information is released to Bridgewater State University.)

Freshmen / Upperclassmen

Initially, all you must do to apply is file the FAFSA, listing Bridgewater State University as a college to receive information. However, you may be asked to verify certain information that you provided on the FAFSA. You may receive letters from the university requesting additional documentation to clarify information on the FAFSA. Be sure to respond immediately to these requests to ensure your eligibility for all aid available to you.

Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student receiving a graduate assistantship or any allowance for tuition, fees, room or board, you are legally obligated to report the allowance to the Financial Aid Office. Graduate students are eligible for student loans only.

Reapplication for Financial Aid

You must reapply for financial aid each year. The Department of Education no longer mails renewal applications to students, however, electronic renewal FAFSA forms are available on their website at  You are always welcome to complete a FAFSA form even if a renewal application is not available to you. Our deadline for priority consideration is the same each year - March 1.