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Loan Entrance Counseling

Direct Loan Entrance

Direct Loan Entrance Counseling is a federal requirement for all students borrowing a Federal Direct Loan for the first time at Bridgewater State University. 

Students are required to complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling before the proceeds from the Direct Loan can be disbursed to the student account.

To complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling online, click below and follow the instructions. Once you have successfully passed the quiz, chosen Bridgewater State University as a school to have it sent to, and we have been notified of the results, you will have satisfied the entrance counseling requirement. The financial aid office receives the results of completed entrance counseling on a regular basis.

You will need your U.S. Department of Education PIN (personal identification number) in order to complete the online entrance counseling. (This is the same PIN you would have used to file the FAFSA online). If you need a PIN, you may request one at

Please note that the Direct Loan funds will not be disbursed to your student account until you have completed this Entrance Counseling requirement and we have been notified that you have done so.

On this website, there is a new type of counseling called "Financial Aid Awareness Counseling." Although this type of counseling is to your benefit, it is not required. Please don't confuse the two types of counseling and be sure to complete the Direct Loan Entrance Counseling.

If you have any questions regarding either completion of Direct Loan Entrance Counseling or the Direct Loans you are borrowing at Bridgewater State University, contact the Financial Aid Office at: (508) 531-1341. If you would like individual loan counseling, you may call the Financial Aid Office to schedule an appointment with your financial aid counselor. 

To begin Direct Loan Entrance Counseling click here.