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Program Specifications

Visit Requirements:

The EarthView team is glad you are considering applying for an EarthView visit to your school. We have found this to be a truly remarkable way to generate enthusiasm for geography education among people of all ages!

Before we begin the scheduling process, please be sure that the following requirements can be met:

1. The gymnasium must have a measured height with no obstructions of at least 20 feet. It is important that no obstructions or hot lights (i.e. halogen) are present below 24 feet. If hot lights are present in the vicinity of EarthView, please turn them off at least 30 minutes prior to the program.

2. Please be sure that the gym floor has been swept clean prior to the event.

3. The program will normally run from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM, with a short break for lunch. The more convenient the lunch location the shorter this break can be – a half-hour if lunch is available on campus, 45 to 60 minutes if lunch is off-campus.

4. The EarthView team will arrive by 9:00 AM. Please ensure that office and/or school security staff is ready for the team's arrival, and that any special parking or entrance requirements are communicated to the team prior to the program.

5. The capacity of EarthView is 20 students. Students need to be brought to the program in small groups at 20-minute intervals, so that up to 240 students can be served during a typical day. The students in a given group should all be at the same grade level, so that an appropriate program can be presented to them, though groups from any range of grade levels can be included over the course of the day.

6. A teacher, aide, or parent volunteer must accompany each group of students into EarthView.

7. Another teacher, administrator, or parent volunteer must be on duty all day to coordinate the flow of students to and from the EarthView, and to facilitate any adjustments to the schedule. We have found that the assistance of a knowledgeable community member contributes to a successful program.

8. The EarthView team welcomes all students. The team relies on local staff to inform us of any accommodations needed.

9. Students should be in the gymnasium only immediately prior to the program. It would be best to have a class waiting outside the door to enter as a class leaves so that more classes could take advantage of the program. There should be no talking outside the EarthView as sound carries and interferes with the lesson taking place inside.

10. A ten-minute slide show can be included after each presentation, if a blank wall or portable screen is available and there is space available in the gymnasium. The presentation provides an overview of the EarthView blog, and encourages students to continue learning from the EarthView program on their own. The EarthView team provides a projector.

11. The walls of the globe are hand-painted and are not to be touched – inside or out.

12. All those entering the EarthView should remove their shoes (unless precluded by a physical disability) and MUST BE WEARING SOCKS. Students must be advised of this requirement ahead of time; some school organizers purchase a bag of socks for those who have forgotten on the day of the event.

13. The fee for the full-day school program is $400, payable to Bridgewater State University. We cannot accept Purchase Orders. Sources for the fee can include the school’s general fund, parents’ groups, club fundraisers, or community grants, such as those from Target stores.

14. Once a date is confirmed, more detailed information and sample schedules will be sent.

The primary purpose of EarthView is to provide a rich learning environment and memorable experience for student and teachers, but a secondary purpose is to raise awareness of geography education in general. Schools are encouraged to invite local area media to the event as it especially educational and also photogenic. We provide a simple press packet to participating schools, for use in press releases. If local media do cover the visit, we ask that schools send links and/or copies of such coverage to the CASE Office at ( after the event.

To request an EarthView visit or for any questions about these requirements, please contact the CASE Office at or (508) 531-2575.