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EarthView Tour: The Earth as a Beautiful Classroom

The Center for the Advancement of Stem Education at Bridgewater State University invites you to tour the world in our portable Geography Classroom, The EarthView!
    Flat Map                

    General Geography              
    Extremes: highest/lowest, wettest, driest

    *Make a Globe (time permitting, or take away)

Environmental Geography

Today more than ever our planet needs good earth ambassadors. A group discussion for anyone interested in the environment, resource studies, global change, physical geography and global human interaction to affect change! 
    Global Warming/Sea Level Rise
    Pesticide Use/ GMO
    Sustainability – Wangari Maathai
        *Plant a Moringa Tree

Geography Education: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

We will examine the importance of Geography education, geography literacy and the many connections geography has to other areas of study and careers.
    Lack of Education
    Geo Literacy
    Contrast Kelly Pickler and Tilly Smith
        *Geo Trivia: Relay for 50 states

GIS: The Art and Science of Mapping

Geography is more than a classroom globe or maps of continents and oceans.  We will look at the powerful way Geographic Information Systems can help analyze, interpret and present relationships and patterns in our research data.
    Dr. Snow 
    GIS Mapping :
    Satellite Imaging
    Quantitative and statistical research 
        *Make a GIS Map

Human Geography

We will look at the social science aspects of geography as it relates to people and place.  Culture, music, art, history, language, etc.  - it is all geographic!
    Single Story – Chimamanda Adiche
    Culture & Settlements
    Political / Religious conflict
    James Mollison Photography
        *Geography of Food
        *Where Children Sleep