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The Center for the Advancement of STEM Education

Our Mission: CASE leverages the physical and intellectual resources of BSU to build and support a community of faculty, staff, and students that promotes and increases interest and literacy in science and mathematics among preK-16 students, pre-service and in-service teachers, and members of the community both regionally and internationally. CASE aims to

  • Support undergraduate student success by providing students with STEM service learning and leadership opportunities (BSU Strategic Plan: Goals 1 & 2)
  • Provide faculty and staff outreach opportunities that promote personal and professional growth (BSU Strategic Plan: Goals 2 & 3)
  • Serve as a catalyst for STEM intellectual engagement in the regional community and beyond through outreach programs (BSU Strategic Plan: Goal 4)
  • Advance diversity in STEM fields through engagement of traditionally under-represented groups in STEM programming (BSU Strategic Plan: Goal 5)


CityLab is a biotechnology outreach program for teachers and students that aims to enhance science knowledge and enthusiasm through authentic laboratory experiences. More+

EarthLab - A Public Learning Space

EarthLab is a spherically shaped digital display system that is manufactured by iGlobe. More+

Engage in Math

Engage in Math is an outreach program for teachers, students, and their parents which unlocks the world of engaging mathematics through creative problem solving, puzzles, and games. More+

Math & Computer Science Collaborative

The Mathematics and Computer Science Collaborative provides meaningful professional development for mathematics educators in Southeastern Massachusetts. More+


The BSU Observatory hosts public and private viewing events, runs K-12 workshops, and provides resources for student research, astronomy courses, and service-learning. More+

Project EarthView

Project EarthView’s twenty-foot hand-painted globe serves as a portable classroom energizing geography programs throughout the region. More+

Project GreenLab

Project GreenLab aims to educate the BSU and regional communities about green chemistry and the impacts of chemicals on human and environmental health. More+

Watershed Access Lab

Watershed Access Lab provides science education outreach programs and preK-12 teacher professional development focused on land use and water quality assessment. More +