Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies

Current Initiatives & Collaborations

Become involved in some of our current Initiatives & Collaborations by participating or promoting greater understanding across cultures. Moving forward-Together!

Cross Cultural Understanding

In collaboration with the Pedro Pires Leadership Initiative in Cabo Verde, Bridgewater State University will be hosting a group of students during the month of July for leadership training. The students will be exposed to academic lectures, visit and interact with national figures in Washington D.C. and engage local community members through a community forum on July 16th at the Brockton Public Library. The collaboration between the institutes helps to further Bridgewater State University’s mission of developing sustainable leadership capacity internationally.

Local Initiatives

Throughout July of 2014, the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies at Bridgewater State University will be partnering with the office of Brockton Mayor William “Bill” Carpenter, and local community members to develop a summer camp initiative for Cape Verdean youth ages 4 to 12. The institute and the Mayor’s office look forward to initiating the project as it provides a space where youth can strengthen cultural values be mentored and exposed to positive role models. The camp will be held in one of the local schools Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

Academic Collaborations

In September of 2014, in collaboration with Pedago Press, the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies will be launching an academic journal that will be published twice a year in hard copy as well as an online format. Titled as “Diaspora-Journal of Cape Verdean Studies: Emerging Interdisciplinary Perspectives,” the journal will be an academic outlet and resource for those wishing to contribute generally and/or to deepen their knowledge of Cape Verdan studies and Creole societies.

In collaboration with SENSE Publishers, the Pedro Pires Institute has signed a contract for a Series Production under the Lead Editorship of Executive Director Joao J. Rosa, PhD. The Institute will produce a maximum of two books per year for the next five years. The series, with a wide range of thematic coverage, aims to celebrate the works of authors who deal with Cape Verdean experiences and identities as well as those whose research seeks a broader understanding of immigrant experiences. The primary aim of the series is to increase the availability of such academic works in English for a greater appreciation of the Cape Verdean experiences.


On May 31st, the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies will be hosting Film Director Valerio Lopes in screening the film/documentary CABRALISTA.

The event will be from 4 to 6:30pm in the Conant Auditorium in the Science and Math Center (24 Park Avenue) 

On July 16th, the Pedro Pires Institute will be sponsoring an open community dialogue with a leadership group composed of graduate students from the University of Cape Verde.