Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies

Affiliated Faculty

A listing of scholars in a variety of areas that have committed to bring together their talents and academic expertise to ensure the effective development of the institute. Contact us to find out more.

Dr. Aminah Pilgrim

Dr. Pilgrim's areas of expertise include African-American History; African-American Women’s History. A community advocate, Dr. Pilgrim's external engagement centers also on youth empowerment and urban studies.




Dr. Ricardo Rosa

Dr. Rosa's current research centers on emerging articulations of educational privatization and its effects on organizational behavior in educational settings and possibilities for transformative leadership. His research also focuses on curricular theory and praxis within and beyond the boundaries of normative schooling.




Dr. Jose Barbosa

Dr. Barbosa's interests are focused on gaining a better understanding of plant physiological, biochemical and molecular responses to environmental stresses. He is interested in abiotic stresses, particularly heat, salinity, osmotic, drought and oxidative stresses. Using molecular tools, his lab has the opportunity to identify and characterize genes involved in stress responses. Concomitantly, his lab measures physiological performance and biochemical parameters of Arabidopsis thaliana and Saccharomyces cerevisiae exposed to widely varying environments.
In addition, He is interested in studying different aspects of plant mineral nutrition specifically:
-How management of nitrogenous fertilizers would affect plant nitrate transport and nitrogen metabolism?
-How certain metabolites may affect potassium uptake and accumulation in plants?

Dr. David Almeida

Dr. David Almeida is Professor of Special Education and Department Chair at Bridgewater State University. As a Faculty Leader he has developed and supervised numerous Cape Verde Study Tours through the Special Education Department. His interests revolve around literacy and special education.




Angelo Barbosa, MA

Mr. Angelo Barbosa is a member of the Higher Education Quality Council of the Ministry of Higher Education in the Republic of Cape Verde. A former Vice Chancellor for Information Technology at the University of Cape Verde, Mr. Barbosa was also a member of the National Committee on the installment of the University of Cape Verde.




Dr. Carlos Almeida

Dr. Carlos Almeida, specializing in Lusophone Literatures and Cultures, is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He currently teaches Cape Verdean Creole and Cape Verdean literature. His dissertation at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth was entitled “CABO VERDE: O DOCE E O AMARGO DA íGUA O CULTO DAS íGUAS – DO MAR E DA CHUVA – NA LITERATURA CABOVERDIANA DO PERíODO CLARIDOSO AO PERíODO Pí“S-COLONIAL.”



Dr. Joao Resende Santos

Dr. Joao Resende Santos is an Associate Professor at Bentley University and teaches courses in International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Latin American studies. Research and publications span three areas: international relations theory and security studies; military organizational behavior and civil-military relations; and Brazilian foreign relations. Most recent publications include: Military Emulation in the International System (forthcoming: Cambridge University Press), and "Origins of Security Cooperation in South America," Journal Latin American Politics and Society (W'2002). Prof. Santos also serves as co-faculty advisor to the Bentley Model United Nations Program and directs the Brazil Short Term Program.