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Testing Services

Remote Placement Testing

Students who live a considerable distance from the BSU campus (100 miles or greater) may opt to take their mathematics and reading placement tests remotely, at a qualified institution of their choice. If you live within 100 miles of campus, you must report to BSU to take your placement tests. To take advantage of this service and arrange a remote placement testing session in your area, follow the steps below.

Students who choose our remote testing option must still report to campus to write their English placement essay. An essay writing session is held on day one of your orientation from 7:45am - 8:45am. If you opt for remote testing, you will need to check in to BSU the evening before day one of orientation so that you are prepared to write your essay at 7:45am on orientation day one. If you cannot check in the evening before orientation, you cannot enroll in remote testing and must attend an on-campus placement testing session. Students who choose to enroll in remote testing will be contacted by the Office of New Student and Family Programs several days prior to orientation to arrange early check-in. If you have any questions about early check-in, contact New Student and Family Programs at or 508-531-1273.

Students may only take their placement exams remotely at the following types of institutions:

  • Colleges
  • Community Colleges
  • Universities
  • Trade/Technical Schools
  • High Schools
  • Public Libraries
  • Military Bases
  • Professional Testing Centers

We recommend visiting the National College Testing Association's official website and using their Consortium of College Testing Centers lookup tool to attempt to locate a college testing center near you. If you have any questions, or would like to know if a particular institution is qualified to administer the exam, give us a call at 508-531-1780.

Students must...

  • Provide complete, accurate information on the Student Request form;
  • Check in to BSU the evening before orientation day one;
  • Schedule their remote placement testing appointment themselves before their orientation date;
  • Present a current, government-issued photo ID to their proctor on test day;
  • Pay any administrative fees required by their designated institution;
  • Refrain from using any electronics (including cell phone, calculator, tablet, etc.) during the exams;
  • Follow all protocol outlined by the proctor on test day.

Institutions must...

  • Communicate using an institutional e-mail system (no GMAIL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.);
  • Have computers that are connected to the Internet;
  • Use an Internet browser that is able to display pop-ups;
  • Provide a secure, quiet testing space with minimal distractions;
  • Ensure that a proctor is on-duty at all times during the test session;
  • Follow all protocol outlined in the Proctor Security Agreement and proctor instructions.

 To arrange a remote placement testing session, follow these five steps:

  1. Determine if you are willing to check in to BSU the evening before day one of your orientation. If you do not wish to check in to orientation early, you must attend an on-campus placement testing session and may not enroll in remote testing. For questions regarding early check-in, contact New Student and Family programs at or 508-531-1273. New Student and Family programs will contact you several days prior to your orientation to help you arrange an early check-in.
  2. Contact the qualified institution of your choice to determine if they administer correspondence exams from other institutions, and schedule your appointment with them.
  3. Download, complete, and submit the Student Request for Remote Testing form to for review. Click here to download the form.
  4. We will then send a Proctor Security Agreement form to the institution you designated on your Student Request form, which they will complete and submit to us. Allow several business days for your institution to process and return this form.
  5. Once we receive the completed security agreement, we will e-mail the test instructions and administration materials to your designated institution within one business day. We will only release the test instructions and materials once your designated institution has submitted this form.
  6. Arrive on your scheduled exam date to take your exams. Upon completion, your scores will be stored automatically in our database. You have then completed your math and reading placement testing and are ready to come to campus for your writing placement essay and orientation.