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Detail from the Bridgewater Normal School's 75th Anniversary Pageant, 1915

Detail from a panoramic photographic taken at the Bridgewater Normal School’s 75th Anniversary Pageant, June 1915

The records in the University Archives date from the founding of the College in 1840. In spite of a disastrous fire in 1924, many records survived because they were scattered in buildings not touched by the fire. The bulk of the records are now in the The Clement C. Maxwell Library. The archives, dating from 1940, are in the Special Collections Vault on the third floor; they may be accessed through the Special Collections Department. In addition, there are some records in the vault in Tillinghast Hall and in various college offices. Together they document the history of Bridgewater State University from 1840 when it was the Normal School, the earliest school in the country devoted to the training of teachers, to the present day multipurpose institution with programs in the arts, sciences and professions.

  • Administrative Records
  • Alumni listings from 1840-present
  • Alumni Records
  • Commencement Programs
  • Course Catalogs, 1840-present
  • Ephemera on past events and guest speakers
  • Facility Records
  • Faculty Papers
    • Mary Jo Moriarty Collection
  • Faculty Publications
  • Honors Theses, 1973-present
  • Master’s Theses, 1938-present
  • Newspapers
  • Photographs
    • Early campus life to the present
    • Early buildings on campus
  • Published histories of the University dating back to the 1800s
  • Student Records
    • Scrapbooks
    • Diaries
  • University Organizations
    • Hall of Black Achievement
  • University Sports Collections
  • Yearbooks, 1899-present