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Quiet Study Zone Policy

In response to students’ requests, the Maxwell Library has created designated Quiet Zones on the second and third floors of the Library.

In Quiet Zones:

  • Please be considerate of others by helping to maintain a quiet atmosphere.
  • Turn off cell phone/pager ringers.
  • Personal devices such as radios and music devices should be used with headphones that are not audible to others.
  • No loud or disruptive talking, please.
  • Please hold only brief conversations in low tones.


  1. The quietest area in the building is usually near the 6 individual study tables that are available along the back wall on the west side of the third floor.
  2. Small group study rooms are available for student use only on the second and third floors. They are available on a first come first serve basis. Groups are encouraged to use these group rooms or to work on the first floor of the library.