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Internet Podcast Resources

The websites listed below provide podcasts focused on various subjects. They are selected by Maxwell Library’s librarians. If you find any podcast websites that interest you and are not included in this list, please e-mail us using our Ask a Librarian Service.

Podcast Directories

Also contains podcasts created by individual podcasters.

Apple - itunes - Podcasts

Includes over 10,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos for learning.

Library of Congress Webcast
A collection of events held by the Library of Congress.

NPR Podcast Directory
Offers hourly newscasts, special features and ten years of archived audio and information.

Over one million audio files from podcasts and all over the web. - The Podcast Directory

Podcasts from the US Government
Includes podcasts created by elected officials, federal agencies, and state governments. Topics cover defense, international relations, family, health, history, arts, and others.

Public Radio Podcast Directory
A list of the public radio programs that are also available as recorded podcasts.

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Author Talks

After Words

Author Talk
From Muskingum College Library Podcasts

Book Tour
A weekly Web feature and podcast that presents leading authors as they read from and discuss their work.

Dean Koontz
Dean Koontz, one of number one New York Times hardcover bestsellers, talks about his books, Hollywood, and life as an author.

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Book Reviews

The Book of Life: Jewish People and the Books We Read
A monthly podcast featuring interviews with authors and illustrators of Judaic books, and musicians who have produced Judaic recordings.

BookExpo America Podcast
Reports from publishing, Web and marketing gurus and interviews of popular authors and speakers.

The Toronto Review of Books Podcast
Brings listeners Toronto talks and panels, and our authors reading their TRB articles

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Podcasts from Market Watch
Produced daily and weekly

Knowledge @ Wharton
Podcasts from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

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Produced every other month and highlights work published in Nature journals as well as topics related to the science and practice of chemistry.

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Al Grano Con Maria Hinojosa
By NPR to analyze the week’s news with a group of Spanish-speaking journalists.

Art history in just a minute
By Christopher Witcombe, an art historian at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. His goal is to make art history as fun and interesting as he finds it.

FGI (Free Government Information) Podcast
Created by documents librarians from University of California San Diego and Alaska State Library.

Grammar Girl - Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
A short tip-based podcast by Mignon Fogarty on words, punctuations, and other commonly misused rules.
Includes podcasts you can learn from.

Literature Aloud
Featuring BSU students reading favorites of English literature.

Podcasts at Penn State

Tips about teaching, technology, and productivity.

Princeton University Podcasts

Shakespeare Sonnets Read by Some Guy from New York
By Jason Pomerantz, who reads and discusses—in a strong New York accent—Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Tech Therapy
Talk about the headaches, anxieties, and general problems you might be having with technology on your college campus.

UCTV Podcast
Includes documentaries, faculty lectures, cutting-edge research symposiums and artistic performances from ten UC campuses. Video podcasts are also available.

University Channel
An initiative of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Topics include books, economy, global issues, law, science, and others.

Includes Podcasts and Webcasts of UC Berkeley current and archived courses, prominent speakers and on-campus live and on-demand events.

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For Library Professionals

Dowling Library Omnibus
A monthly conversation about the library, Dowling, Long Island and special events including lectures, readings, and more.

A podcast check of library news headlines.

Podcasts from One Big Library Blog
Hosted by Dan Chudnov.

Sheridan Libraries Podcasts
Podcasts about Sheridan library collections, services and people.

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Podcasts from Western Kentucky University Libraries

WGBH Morning Stories
A weekly show produced by Tony Kahn for WGBH covering stories stories from people in our community: personal stories of struggle and victory, of love and loss, of chance meetings and odd occurrences; life stories, funny and sad.

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The PRI’s World: Geo Quiz
Fun and games from The World! Hosted by David Leveille to challenge your knowledge of world geography. Clues and answers are provided.

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Health Science

The Health Report
Produced and hosted by Dr. Norman Swan for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

History of the Health Sciences Lecture Series
Sponsored by The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library and The University of Virginia School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education Program.

Medical Podcast Library
Focused on current health news, trends, and research in medicine.

Medical Podcasts
Medical podcasting websites compiled by Georgia Health Sciences Library.

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MAA Podcast Center Lectures
Published weekly to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.

Plus Magazine Podcasts
Published weekly to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.

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Global Hit Podcast
A daily spotlight created by The World’s Marco Werman on international musical artists or trends featuring interviews with musicians, critics and deejays around the globe.

Naxos Classical Music Spotlight Podcast
New shows are added each Tuesday (GMT) that explore the latest releases from Naxos and focus on the performers and composers who make Naxos’s recordings possible.

NPR’s All Songs Considered

WGBH Classical Performance
Includes teaching tools for schools and home-schooling, IMAX films, services for people with hearing or vision impairments.

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ABC News Podcasts

Boston Globe
Audio updates of the day’s top local and national stories

Business Week Podcasts

CNN - Podcasting

New York Times Podcasts

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Politics and Public Affairs

C-SPAN Podcasts
Includes American Political Archive, Newsmakers, Outside the Beltway, Podcast of the Week, Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered, Q&A, Road to the White House, and The Communicators.

LRB Podcasts
Hosted by Steve Miller and Laura Kunkel on some aspect of the legislative process in Wisconsin.

White House RSS & Podcasts
Includes White House news releases such as events, speeches, statements, and press briefings from administration officials. The President’s Weekly Radio Address and selected remarks are also available.

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Dhamma Podcasts from
Monthly talk on Vipassana meditation.

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Earth & Sky: A Clear Voice for Science

Living on Earth
Provides weekly podcast.

MIT World
An MIT School of Engineering Professional Education Program.

Microbe World
Daily podcast by American Society for Microbiology.

Nature Podcasts
Weekly audio shows produced by Chris Smith and Anna Lacey at the University of Cambridge, UK, for Nature magazine.

Popular Science Podcast
Weekly talks with experts about the stories shaping the future of technology, from the frontlines of the “wired” war in Iraq to San Francisco’s plan to turn dog droppings into electricity-and everything in between.

NPR Research News

Science & The City
Weekly podcast hosted by Webzine of The New York Academy of Sciences.

Click on the +Listen to story link for the audio version of each story.

Science Friday - Audio & Video
Weekly science talk show hosted by Ira Flatow, broadcast live over public radio stations from 2-4 pm Eastern time as part of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” programming.

Science Podcasts
Hosted by Science magazine.

Weekly podcast hosted by Steve Mirsky to explore the latest developments in science and technology through interviews with leading scientists and journalists.

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Interviews of leading sociologists and discussion of new and exciting social science research.

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IEEE Spectrum Radio
Hosted by IEEE Spectrum Magazine focusing on explores future technology trends and the impact of those trends on society and business.

MIT communications forum
For fans of LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Asterisk, the EFF and Creative Commons.

Tech Therapy podcast
Hosted by Jeff Young. Offers analysis of and advice monthly on what the latest gadgets and buzzwords mean for professors, administrators, and students.

A weekly talk by the world’s most fascinating people on technology, entertainment, and design. Occasionally, topics on art, science, business are also included.

Technology Podcasts from The World
Covers latest news in science and technology.

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U.S. & World Affairs

GAO’s Watchdog Report
Five-minute audio files feature interviews with GAO officials on significant issues and new reports.

World Vision Radio
A daily show hosted by Peggy Wehmeyer, former ABC World News Tonight correspondent, featuring human drama behind global issues and events affecting the world’s poorest children and families; winner of 2006 Clarion awards from the Association for Women in Communications.

The World’s Special Podcasts
Covers latest happenings around the world. Note: Need to scroll down a little bit to locate this section.

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Vegetarian Diets

The Easy Vegan
Provides video casts. Each episode focuses on preparing one easy vegan recipe.

Erik’s Diner
Hosted by Erik Marcus, an expert in the field of vegan nutrition and advocacy.

Vegan Radio
A show about vegan culture; animal rights issues, the vegan diet – environmentalism, spirituality, politics, and salsa dancing. To hear the show, click the yellow “download show” button. You may need to scroll down a little bit.

VegCast: The Vegetarian Podcast
Includes an in-depth, serious exploration of issues affecting vegetarians and vegetarian health.

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