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ERC Collections

Use Webster, the library’s online catalog, to find specific materials in our collections. The catalog’s Advanced Search page allows you to search by collection (“location”). Loan periods vary by collection. Some materials do not circulate to non-BSU members.

Standardized Test Collection

The Educational Resource Center has a collection of approximately 850 tests. All of these tests are indexed in Webster, the library’s online catalog, which may be searched for individual titles or for broad subject areas, such as achievement tests, personality tests, and so forth. We also maintain a print resource guide listing all of our tests: Standardized Test Holdings

The print collection of the Educational Resource Center includes numerous reference sources relevant to testing, including: Mental Measurements Yearbook; Tests in Print; Test Critiques; Guide to 100 Tests for Special Education; Consumer’s Guide to Tests in Print; and Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures.

Maxwell Library also subscribes to an online version of Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print and has two computer workstations with test scoring software loaded on them.

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ERIC Microfiche Collection

Mircofiche collection

The ERIC microfiche or document collection consists mainly of non-commercially produced materials and includes such things as government reports, curriculum guides, technical reports, research papers, conference proceedings, opinion papers, and so on.

From 1966 to September 2004, full-text ERIC documents were issued on microfiche.

After September 2004, full-text ERIC documents were made available only online.

Many ERIC documents produced before 2004 have now been converted to an online-accessible form and can be found full-text in the ERIC database as pdf documents.

In the ERIC database, ERIC documents are designated as “ED,” and each ERIC document is assigned a six-digit ED number (e.g., ED 455 101).

The Educational Resources Center in Maxwell Library has the entire ERIC microfiche collection, spanning 1966 to 2004, and containing over 500,000 documents. The microfiche documents are housed in Library Room 124 in filing cabinets according to their ED numbers.

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Tests in Microfiche

Tests in Microfiche (TIM) is a small subset of the ETS (Educational Testing Service) Test Collection and was offered by annual subscription to libraries in colleges and universities (discontinued in 2005). Maxwell Library has the complete run of TIM microfiche, housed in Maxwell Library, room 124 (L124). For more information on its use, see the Tests and Measures MaxGuide.

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