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Circulation Department


The Circulation Department administers the Library’s loan policy and procedures. It is located on the main floor adjacent to the main, Shaw Road, entrance and is staffed all hours that the Library is open.

For Circulation information, please call 508.531.1392 or email

Borrowing Privileges

BSU Faculty/Librarians/Staff and students need a BSU Connect Card to borrow from the main and Course Reserve collections. BSU Alumni and Bridgewater residents may also have a Library card for a 12 month duration. Community members over 18 years of age, other than Bridgewater residents, may purchase a Library card for $20.00 for a one-year duration.

Students at state-funded community colleges, colleges and universities and Stonehill and Wheaton College students may have a Library card free of charge for the duration of the semester. (For additional special borrower information, ask the Circulation staff.) Borrowing privileges may be suspended due to excess fines or overdue materials.

Loan Period

  • Faculty/Librarians/Staff: 4 months
  • Students: 4 weeks
  • Others: 4 weeks

Maximum Number of Loans

  • Faculty/Librarians/Staff: 50
  • Students: 35
  • Others: 6


  • Faculty/Librarians/Staff: Twice for 4 months, if there is no HOLD pending
  • Students: Once for 4 weeks, if there is no HOLD pending
  • Others: Once for 4 weeks, if there is no HOLD pending
    Renewals may be transacted in person at the library or by calling 508.531.1392. If items are overdue any overdue fines must be paid before renewing.


  • $0.10 per day to a maximum of $10.00 per item
  • Course Reserve fines – two hour, three hour and overnight loans – $1.00 per hour or part thereof to a maximum of $10.00 per item. One-week loans – $1.00 per day to a maximum of $10.00 per item

Please note: Some items, particularly ERC items, Group Study Room keys, and the One Button Studio key, accrue fines at a higher hourly rate and therefore a higher daily accrual rate and have higher replacement costs. All BSU students who accumulate $10 or more in fines or fees will have their library privileges suspended. Transcript and/or registration holds will be placed when students accumulate $20 or more in fines or fees. Community library users incurring the same level of fines will have their borrowing privileges suspended until their accounts are settled.

Lost/Unreturned Item Fee

  • General and ERC General Collection items: $45.00 for replacement and processing
  • Children’s Collection items: $20.00 for replacement and processing
  • Videos: $75.00 for replacement and processing


Library materials returned in good condition within 30 days after replacement fees are paid will be refunded less any applicable overdue fines. There are no refunds after 30 days of payment for lost items. Items damaged beyond repair will be discarded. Damaged items will not be returned to students. The library does not accept replacement copies for lost items, only payment.


A library patron may request a HOLD on material on loan to another patron either in person at the Circulation desk, or by calling 508.531.1392 or e-mailing the Circulation department.


A patron may request that a TRACE be placed on material designated as available in Webster but not found in the stacks.

Course Reserves

The Course Reserves Collection makes available high-demand, course-related materials for restricted use.

MAX Video Streaming

Faculty may submit requests for digitizing videos owned by the Library or personal videos for Blackboard teaching. Please fill out the request form online. For any questions, please call the Circulation Department at 508.531.1392 or email with any questions.

Library Lost & Found

Found items may be turned in to the Circulation Department desk. Items considered a potential health risk will be discarded. Articles of clothing will be kept for 30 days and, if not claimed, discarded or donated to charity. All print or paper items will be recycled or destroyed after 30 days. The owners of cell phones, laptops, wallets and other valuable items will be contacted if the owner's name is apparent. After 30 days, all lost items such as cell phones, wallets, valuable electronics, and BSU Connect Cards will be turned in to BSU Campus Police.

For further information on any circulation policy issues, please call the Circulation Department at 508.531.1392.

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