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Bridgewater Flight Academy

Pilot a New Career or Fly for Pure Pleasure

Whether you wish to join the growing ranks of professional airline pilots or gain the experience of flight for pure pleasure, Bridgewater State University's Bridgewater Flight Academy is here to take you to great heights. Bridgewater Flight Academy offers four FAA licenses and ratings through the BSU Aviation Training Center, located at the New Bedford Regional Airport in New Bedford, MA.

Career Opportunities! With a potential pilot shortage on the horizon, opportunities for educated and experienced private pilots are growing. Nearly 500,000 pilots will be hired within the next 20 years according to a study by airline industry giant Boeing.

BSU Aviation Sciences

Students enrolled in Bridgewater Flight Academy's non-credit flight training program will receive instruction from our experienced faculty and staff members. Bridgewater State University has been training pilots for more than 30 years through one of the most cost-effective university flight programs in the country.

BSU Aviation is an FAA-approved 14 CFR Part 141 flight training provider. We are certified to conduct both Part 141 and Part 61 training. For most pilot certificates and ratings, Part 141 training allows students to complete the flight course with less flight time than a Part 61 applicant would need for the same certificate or rating.

Bridgewater's Fleet

For general fleet use and spin training, we currently utilize eight (8) Cessna 172R models equipped with conventional flight and navigation instruments, HSI, and the Garmin 430 with WAAS capability. We also fly the Piper PA-28R Arrow for the complex and CFI-A training.

Flight Simulator Laboratory and FAA Test Site

Train in our single- or multi-engine flight simulator. Our state-of-the-art FAA-approved machines can simulate every airport runway configuration, as well as the entire en route airway structure, in New England. Gain instruction in bad weather instrument flying, focus on maneuvers, or practice cockpit resource management.

BSU has an FAA-approved written test site on site. All knowledge tests, from Private through ATP, are available. This is a LaserGrade site, with all the latest in pilot-friendly equipment to help you ace the exam! And the low-cost testing fee means you'll have more to spend on flight training.

Bridgewater Flight Academy Programs

Click the below links to view details and tuition rates for the program you are interested in.

Certified Flight Instructor Program (PDF)
Instrument Pilot Program (PDF)
Commercial Pilot Program (PDF)
Private Pilot Program (PDF)